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 I am a singer songwriter in the Americana Folk Country genres.


My latest album “Pass On The Love” has received two excellent reviews!


TIW Music – August 16, 2013

"Pass On The Love"
Album Review: Bill Madison 
By Linda Freeman, TIW Music
Bill Madison is a man for all seasons. His new album, "Pass On the Love," demonstrates a wide-ranging virtuosity that captures the richness, joy, and melancholy of life. Madison, an americana/folk singer and songwriter, sings with a resonant clarity reminiscent of George Jones and Waylon Jennings. I'm pretty sure that Madison's amazing voice could resonate for a 5-mile radius if he put his mind to it. Madison also plays guitar, keyboard, and mountain dulcimer with dynamic ease and technical precision. He and Nancy Madison wrote the title track, "Just Pass On The Love," a moving tribute to love between the generations. Madison's rendition of "John Barleycorn" is a classic; if there's a better cover of it, I haven't heard it. My favorite tune, which I just about wore out on my CD, is Tom Waits' "Heart of Saturday Night" -- Madison's folksy, confiding performance calls to mind John Mellancamp and Springsteen, and makes me nostalgic for something I never had. "Pass On the Love" is a stellar CD, and deserves a special place in your collection.


"Pass On The Love" is now available at my "CD's and Quilts 4 Sale" page! There you can also see the other recordings available and a few of Nancy's beautiful quilted creations which are also available! Thanks for visiting my web site and enjoy your visit!



Merle Burke’s review of Pass On The Love

There is an axiom making its way around the world of music recording these days - that albums no longer sell.  And, while that might be true of some, there's still some pretty good albums being produced where every song makes it worthy of an enthusiastic purchase.

Bill Madison's latest CD, 'Pass On The Love'  is such an album!  In it, you'll find a unique array of covers and originals noteworthy, not just for their musicianship and singing but, for the emotion Bill brings to their lyrics.  The crowning achievement of the album is Bill's title song, 'Pass On The Love,' in which he addresses something that very few songwriters have touched upon - a mother's love and the role that it plays in teaching boys and young men the significance of love in raising healthy families and in keeping families together. It is an incredible song!  

In the songs covered in this album, even though some were written generations ago, Bill finds a way to connect listeners to the lyrics so they can relate to them and find meaning in them in today's complex world.  Track #2, 'The Falcon,' is a song written by folk-protest singer Richard Farina.  It speaks of a majestic bird - who has the power to claim the skies, a power that is magnified by the intervention of man and his control over the bird.  In Bill's rendition, a prophetic indictment is made relative to the consequences of man playing with nature for his own amusement and how the end result is often drastic and often devastating.  And, yes, the mandolin playing in this song is beautiful.  In Track #3, Bill brings out a sense of melancholy in British folksinger Ewan McColl's iconic working-class song 'Dirty Old Town' - while the place has been ravaged by industry, pollution and social ills, it's still where people have had to live, to suffer and find the happiness they could. 

Bill has us in Tom Waits' 'Heart Of A Saturday Night,' letting go of things that we've had to deal with to grasp the free-time that we've earned and to discover what others might be doing to enjoy themselves.  'Summertime,' Track 5, well, it's one of the best songs ever written.  It's Composer George Gershwin's interpretation of African American spirituality and, in his cover of it, Bill does it well as he does with the old British Folksong, 'John Barleycorn' which compares the process of aging and dying to barley fermenting.

Mixing genres and showing just how eclectic he is in style and musicality, Bill adds in a cover of Robert Johnson's, 'Crossroad Blues' - nailing the famous Delta sound with sharp voice, guitar and a touch of fine mandolin.  Then, he takes us to a love story of sorts about a 'well-traveled' woman named Alice who meets up with a cowboy in a place where hard-earned money is easily spent and where love can go the same way - hard-earned and easily spent.  We go on to another journey through love with a cover of folksinger Eric Anderson's, 'Looking Glass.'  The instrumentation in this one, along with Bill's melodic lyric, offers a haunting reminder to would-be lovers that falling in love and loving can be a painful process.

This great CD ends with a cover of an Irish Folk Song, Jimmy McPeake's, 'Wild Mountain Thyme,' a song dedicated to the memory of Bill's friend, Rod MacKenzie.  It is a beautiful/unforgettable rendition of a great song with lovely albeit haunting vocals. 

Every song in 'Pass On The Love' has something special about it!  It's some of Bill's finest work and something you should not hesitate to buy!








  "Madison displays a broad understanding of pre-electric roots music, integrating folk, blues, country and mountain elements into a consistant whole that doesn't belong to one genre, and sounds entirely modern..." Patrick Lundborg, Acid Archives, 2nd Edition.



    Comments about my album CD - All She Wanted:

  "It is the best of the best - the music, the songwriting, and Bill's incredible voice." N.G. Bartlett, Comment on Facebook


  "I bought a copy of it last month and I absolutely love it! For me, every time I play it, it's like having a glass of fine wine with cheddar on a Ritz. It is something you can savor and enjoy, knowing it was made by one who has spent a lifetime tempering lyrics with notes - to a point where they eloquently connect you with life's experiences and intimately reach your soul." M. Burke, Comment on Facebook


    More comments:

"The feeling that comes from his songs is uptempo, whether the song is slow or fast, avoiding the plastic words that many writers never seem to get away from. His songs contain a rare feature: good melodies and good lyrics.  Bill Horan - "The Montreal Star"



"If you take the time to listen to Bill's songs, you will undoubtedly fall into the pure Americana sound he so effortlessly creates. Softly woven songs with great stories behind them all. We might not play the same style of music as Bill, but it doesn't really matter because good material is just that "Good"" Apple Space Bar/Tangent Music - John Wilker and Ben Trexel.


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